Devonte Pearson



T.S The Solution (born Devonte Pearson) is a Pacific Northwest Hip-Hop artist who has been performing since 2010. As a father of twins, a college student, and a thriving artist, T.S has made his mark in Western, Central, and Eastern Washington through live performances at venues such as the University of Washington, Central Washington University, Gonzaga University, music festivals, and various music venues in between. His message is simple;" don’t make excuses for not chasing dreams. Just chase them with no fear.” The music is laid over classic soul samples and drums made by long time collaborator M-Pyre. The pair continue to move as a rapper/producer duo and have two EPs under their belt (Sleepwalking & Purple In Spokane).

T.S is accompanied by a live bass player ( J Mac) and a DJ (M- Pyre), thus setting his musical acts apart from the traditional Hip-Hop set. His music has touched blogs throughout the Northwest including Respect My Region (Seattle, WA) ETC. Tacoma (Tacoma, WA) and We Out Here Magazine (Portland, OR) to name a couple The Inlander, a local newspaper in Spokane, Washington, deemed T.S as “Spokane's version of Dr. Dre” because of his ability to bring the local music scene together. With 3 solo projects under his belt, T.S plans to inspire everybody to dream big through his music.