T.S The Solution Artist

Age: 26

Born in: Long Beach, California

Style: Conscious

T.S Head Shot.JPG


M-PYRE Producer

Age: 30

Born in: Memphis, TN

Style: Soul Samples



Javier Morin Jr. Media

Age: 24

Born in: Toppenish, WA

Style: Clean




Yung Crown Hype Man

Age: 25

Born in: Spokane, WA

Style: Swag



Justin McNamara Bass Guitar

Age: 24

Born in: Spokane, WA


  VISUALEYES  Designer/Videographer  Panoramic Dreams videographer, art designer, and youngest Co-Founder is non other than Visualeyes. His portfolio stretches from Yakima, WA all the way down the West Coast. He can even be found as a featured artist and co-founder on independent music label  G.A.T Entertainment .